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Balanced raw feeding for your beloved family members.

Titan Dog Food provides your dogs a simple and convenient solution to biologically appropriate raw feeding.  Just thaw, measure and serve one of our complete blends.  Packed with balanced nutrition, our blends are formulated for your fur babies at every stage of their life.

Quality Products

Healthy Dogs,
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6 decades of raw nutrition

Titan Dog Food has evolved with refinements since the early 50’s.  It was created by Loyal Wells and an impressive team of experts in animal health and nutrition and carnivore palatability.  That same team ultimately was the genesis of many premium dog food companies that still exist today.   Titan Dog Food, however, remained committed to the raw dog food arena, perfecting the Titan blends and associated products which provide excellent quality nutrition for your pets to this day.

For those that prefer to DIY meals:

Do you prefer to “do it yourself” and create your own custom combinations?  We’ve got you covered as well.  We make some of the basic proteins available, as well as a few other wonderful raw components that your dogs will love.  Create the mixture that is just right for your dog’s particular needs.

What They Said

Over the years we’ve gotten so many great comments about our products, here are just a few of our favorites:

Ask about a local ordering group or co-op near you.

There are co-ops and groups all over the US.  See if there’s one near you!  Reach out to us at info@titandogfood.com, and we will let you know.

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